Look who we have helped!


Aidan Holgate















Aidan winning his 1st 10km road race in 2022. This is 10 weeks into his Strength and Conditioning journey where he is now seeing and feeling the benefits. He is also a keen Triathlete and Duathlete. 


Jake Procter














A GB age grouper in sprint Triathlon. Here he is after beating me at Epicman in Windermere. The Strength and Conditioning work has made him more robust, powerful and has increased his tissue tolerance to high intensity training. 




















"I had been with The PT Group 1-2-1 coaching programme for 14 months and have never looked back. Lost 40kg, 16% body fat and 14 inches around my waist line. At first I thought I'd never do it but Garth makes it so easy for you!

The Boot Camp is fun and you can really work up a sweat!" "The classes are amazing."



Dan and Jaqs














Jaqs: "I train with Garth once per week and join in with the Boot Camps x2 a week, he keeps me moving and motivated, the group community is second to none and there is no intimidation here. Feel really at home".


Brian (Mr. Brian)














"Working out was alien to me before I came to The PT Group. I told the team what I wanted and they gave me realistic time frames and I am very happy with the results!"



Amy (Gorn Dog)

















"I was looking for the cutting egde in sport science and strength and conditioning to accomodate my cycling performances. I have learnt so much and feel much more powerful on the bike."



Emma Taylor (working on a nick name) - Picture below is Emma winning her 1st half Iron Man!
















"Since meeting Garth, he has introduced strength and conditioning in a completely different way,and made me realize my potential . He developed a sport specific S&C programme to complement my existing training, allowing me to improve my performance and also reduce my risk of injury. Garth has introduced me to a variety of new exercises, making sure my posture is correct and ensures I am now working at my optimum. I could certainly feel the results from day one! Thankyou Garth for all your encouragement and support so far! You are the Boss!"




Maria (The Spaniard)














"Joining The PT Group has been one of the best things I've ever done. The team works you hard, with varied and fun workouts that give fantastic results and I've met some great people I now call friends. Couldn't recommend this group highly enough!!"


Debbie Neild


"I have been training with Garth for over 4 years now, initially after a bad ankle injury as rehab and now to improve my overall fitness .  He delivers something different every week but with the overall goal is in mind. He monitors my progress and results on a regular basis to make sure we are on track. He keeps me motivated and it is a great place to train in the fitness studio as there are lots of different pieces of equipment. We talk about diet a lot as this is key to my success." 

Tracey Spencer

"When I turned 40 I promised myself I would start looking after myself better. Garth has helped me do this. I have never been one for exercise but in the last 24 months he has encouraged, praised and pushed me further than I thought was possible. He continues to push me to be the best I can while helping me get the balance right between healthy eating and being naughty! Currently love running in the local Parkruns with fellow gym goers as well."


Toni Connolly

"I started with a small injury and we had to rehabilitate that 1st before we got stuck in. It's structured, well explained and motivating. I teach Gymnastics and it's great for someone else to motivate me. Garth will push you when you need pushing, but equally has the knowhow when to hold you back for safety reasons. It's very easy to get carried away with lifting big weights if that is your thing!"


"Enjoyable sessions that are catered for my needs, Garth has also prescribed external gym sessions for my home gym sessions to help me achieve my personal goals. He knows I like a good minty tea as well, and so always has one ready for me on arrival!"

Neil Hunter

A Great Britain age group athlete in Duathlon and Triathlon. Neil attends the weekly Strength and Conditioning training for Triathletes and has improved his strength, balance and awareness and has performed safe and effective plyometrics for his sport.