Personal Training is different for everybody as we're all at a different starting point and want to achieve different things. 

Over the years Personal Training has developed the reputation of someone watching you train, counting your reps and saying something positive every once in a while. 

Those trainers do exist, but not here. 

Some assume Personal Training is a gruelling process and think you're going to end up feeling like you've had 10 rounds with Mike Tyson in the ring. The time spent in the gym is only one part of the equation, we look at everything. 

We start with a consultation where we discuss ways in which we can help you. This isn't a sales pitch, far from it!


We've turned people away before as sometimes there has been situations where it has been out of our professional scope of practise. 

We discuss your lifestyle in depth, possible posture deviations, dietary habits, movement patterns, motivations and yes, exercise!  

People are pleasantly surprised after a consultation as they leave understanding what Personal Training actually is.

It's so easy these days to go online and replicate a training plan that a popular Instagram model created only to leave you wondering why things aren't going the way you envisaged. 



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