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what is This?

Rather than a face to face Personal Trainer, you will have an online coach guiding you the way to your own personal success. 

Everyone is treated like an individual and your gym programming will be different to the next persons.


Based on the information you give to us which includes, gym experience, current or past injuries, dietary habits, occupation and general lifestyle. This will help enable us to tailor a specific online Personal Training service to you.

what can I expect?

Very good value for money. 

When you join this service you will be in direct contact with myself.


You will be sent a short form to fill in which will help me to design specific gym programming and dietary advice.

The gym programme and dietary advice will evolve as you develop through your journey. 

You will join a private facebook group where you will receive live videos for weekly Q and A. Email will be used for more private matters. 

You will access our private library of exercises so you can quickly observe and perform them in the gym or at home. 


Realistic targets will be set in regards to strength, clothe sizes, tape measurements, and overall weight.


I also advise you take some pictures to see the visual changes of yourself (optional to share with myself). 

Depending on your shape and size, we will work on your nutrition and diet along the way. This is key for your exercise performance as well. 

why are we different?

Everything I do is evidence based, there is no guess work and hoping for the best.


My MSc in Sport Science enables me to help you at a high level of expertise. 

I'm not just a Personal Trainer, I've also a background in strength and conditioning and Sports Rehabilitation (similar to Physiotherapy). You may experience some little "niggle" along the way. I can help with this. 

Finally, I don't send out the same generic information to thousands of people like other online Personal Trainers do. 


The information you'll receive from myself will be specific to you, therefore reaching your target goals quicker. 

how much is it?

It is £29.99 a month for now. If you purchase it at this price, it will be locked in and won't be increased. 

This is the equivalent to:


1 bottle of Prosecco with the girls.

1 take away a week.

5 large glasses of wine in a bar. 

You get my point...

Monday - Friday 6am - 8pm


Tel: (+44) 01200 424 507 (Garth).


Mob: 07900 910 817 (Gill).


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