About Garth

Founded The PT Group LTD and loves inspiring others to get back into shape! Garth gained a lot of his knowledge at University by completing a BSc (Hons) and Masters Degree in Sport Science. A fully qualified Personal Trainer. A lot of trainers will over complicate personal training for their clients - not here. 


"The success of our clients is really down to both client and trainer. We have gained a lot of knowledge throughout the years of studying and being coaches for over 13 years.  We cut out the guess work and get straight to the point with evidence based methods." 

"We work with all kinds of people! Weight loss clients, Rugby players, general health and fitness, stress relief, Triathletes, strength athletes and many more.


"By attending University and not just a 6 week personal training course, we are able to cater for such a vast amount of people." 

Meet The Gang! 


"It took a while to find the right Personal Trainer (Gill - read below) as there are so many coaches out there with different levels of ability. We didn't just want a good coach, we wanted an awesome coach! Gill can relate and understand people, understand human physiology, muscle imbalances, hormonal imbalances, and knowing her stuff when it comes to nutrition. We wanted a Personal Trainer that does their research into something they don't fully understand." - Garth


Here we run a multi-functional facility in Clitheroe catering for 1-2-1 Personal Training, Group Personal Training, Sports Massage, Sports Injury Clinic, Bike Fitting, Pilates and Yoga. For more information please click here!




*MSc Sport Science

*BSc Sport Science

*Level 3 Personal Trainer

*Level 4 Strength and Conditioning

*Level 5 Sports Therapy and  Rehabilitation

*Ante / Post Natal Exercise        Prescription


About Gill

A leader in her own right! A fully qualified Personal Trainer and a full time mum who loves helping people overcome their barriers. A local lass who understands the barriers in life and gets you where you need to be. A true motivator and a very safe exercise practitioner. 

"Empathy, passion and listening skills are hard to come by these days. Gill has them all. She will find your weakness and turn it into your strength - Garth"


"I have been there myself trust me! I know what it takes to complete a Marathon, tough obstacle courses and Triathlons to name a few. Again, we use science and experience to help you achieve the best and quickest results." - Gill