FIT CAMP - 6.00-6.50pm

A varied exercise class that can involve body weight, kettle bells, sleds, boxing, a little running, TRX suspension trainers, and much more. This class can be a mixture of indoor and outdoor activity. 

A friendly atmosphere where all exercises can be made achievable for all levels of ability. 





Up to 6 people occupying the gym focusing on the more challenging lifts. Two trainers help you develop and achieve a periodised training plan.


We attract people who simply enjoy weight training and sporting individuals who are looking to improve their performance. 

If you and a group of friends would like to share the cost of Personal Training please get in touch. 




FIT CAMP - 7-7.50pm

Same as Monday - Please see above. 

Monday - Friday 6am - 8pm


Tel: (+44) 01200 424 507 (Garth).


Mob: 07900 910 817 (Gill).


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