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Group Personal Training - 6 - 7pm

Up to 6 people will occupy the gym focusing on the more challenging lifts. The trainer helps you to develop and achieve a periodised training plan.

Safe and effective exercise selection can be achieved from various pieces of equipment. We encourage you to train at your level of ability so you can improve throughout the process. 


We attract people who simply enjoy weight training and sporting individuals who are looking to improve on their exercise performance. 

If you and a group of friends would like to share the cost of Personal Training please get in touch. 




Fit Camp 6 - 6.50pm

A varied exercise class that can involve body weight, kettle bells, sleds, boxing, a little running, TRX suspension trainers, and much more. This class can be a mixture of indoor and outdoor activity. 

A friendly atmosphere where all exercises can be made achievable for all levels of ability.